Holidays with Baby

Holidays with Baby

By Lindsey Ehlers | November 6, 2021

There is nothing like experiencing holidays with baby. So many firsts. First turkey, first Christmas lights, first presents, first holiday photos. But what about the other firsts? What about the first overnight visits, first plane rides, and first long car trips? Let’s talk tips and tricks for doing the holidays with baby. Eating – Own…

Midwife care

Midwife Care for a PERSON CENTERED birth

By Lindsey Ehlers | October 12, 2021

Before OB’s and hospitals, birth was an event (not a procedure) that happened to 2 people, the birthing person and baby, at home. During birth loved ones were present for support along with wise ones whose knowledge with much more than clinical. These wise midwife’s haven’t disappeared. Midwife care is a viable choice available today.…

breastfeeding sleep

Sleep & Breastfeeding: beyond the onesie

By Lindsey Ehlers | June 30, 2021

Avoid postpartum sleep and breastfeeding stress by knowing who you want before you need them. As a postpartum doula I spend time with people who have encountered significant life change. By significant I mean a complete change in day to day routines. Schedules, task management, new skill demands (changing diapers, putting baby down for a…

Postpartum depression

Postpartum Depression & Anxiety : An unexpected feeling

By Lindsey Ehlers | June 4, 2021

“Loving my children is more important than loving every moment of motherhood (or parenthood).“ Parenthood surprised me. I thought the hard part was birth. That I would just need to be brave for C-section surgery. I thought all I needed was to overcome my fear of all things medical and then I would be…