South Austin Doula Postpartum services

with Lindsey Ehlers

Hello!  I’m the mother of a strong 4 year old and Austin doula working out of South Austin and Dripping Springs. My own experiences in birthing and breastfeeding have taught me that birth is a time of exploring and becoming within yourself and also as a family unit.

While you as a parent are always enough, it is a journey that is enriched by experiencing it with others. I am so grateful to my guides along the way who believed in my ability to parent, who held space for my struggles so that they could applaud me in my decisions, who encouraged me to move outside of myself towards others, and who could be light on the darker days.

I doula because I truly believe that time with a doula can help create a bridge between the joyous moment of birth and the early days of redefining your family.

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I also believe in giving back. If you are interested in donating to a hourly Austin doula fund to support those in economic hardship please contact me.