postpartum doula services

for new families in the south Austin region

postpartum doula services

postpartum doula services

for new families in the south Austin region

I see the first 40 days as time in which the birthing body needs rest, renewal, and rejuvenation.

As a postpartum doula I focus on the needs of both the new parents and their newborn. I nurture parents by offering practical assistance as well as emotional support, helping everyone achieve a faster recovery.

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At the heart of my practice as a postpartum doula is connection.

Even if you have a strong circle of friends and family around you, sharing in the experience of new baby with other families with new babies is deeply rewarding. Each of my packages includes COVID safe weekly meet-ups with current and former clients. Meet-ups could be socially distant activities (yoga with baby) or could include virtual guest speakers. Others could simply be sitting in the sunshine exchanging stories and infant adventures.

frequently asked questions

Do I need a postpartum doula if I have family and friends nearby?

Family and friends may respond to your new arrival with a perfectly timed call, visit, meal, gift, and set of helping hands. Some visitors can unintentionally place stress on new parents. My pre-birth interview is designed to help you organize your family and friends into a calming and helpful presence. When baby arrives I can fill any gaps or gently guide your other helping hands.

What about COVID?

I believe in keeping your family as safe as I can in these unprecedented times. To do this I will wear a clean mask inside your home. I have no issue wearing a face shield and gloves as well. I wear clean clothes to a client's home. Like I would at any home with a newborn, I wash my hands and arms on arrival.

Ultimately I believe in having a frank and honest coversation with you about your preferences and boundaries. Our family anticipates getting the vaccine as soon as it is easily accessible to the general public. At this time my husband works from home, my son attends a small classroom with 6 other children, we see limited family members who also work from home/keep a safe social distance/plan to get vaccinated, and we shop masked in person.

I also offer purely virtual services for those who want to be extra cautious.

What if I don't know what kind of postpartum support I will need after birth?

Because I believe everyone could use a postpartum doula, I have various packages that could be customized or combined to best support your family.

Once we've completed an interview and you've signed a contract for services, I will send a questionare designed to help you think about what you may need.

We then have one meeting prior to baby's birth to review your needs, determine 3-5 priority tasks that promote well-being for you, discuss your available resources outside of doula care, and learn the location of the things in your home such as baby gear, cleaning supplies, and laundry.

Why hire a postpartum doula instead of a babysitter or parent helper?

A postpartum doula is trained specifically in the physical care of a birthed body. It the feeling of midwifery care brought into the postpartum period.

A postpartum doula also comes with a body of knowledge and access to resources that address current and evidence based information regarding infant care. This means that postpartum doula services are also appropriate for families that find themselves caring for a newborn through adoption or other circumstances.

Postpartum doula services can include strategies and methods like breastfeeding or baby-led weaning that have become culturally lost in a medically driven birth society. While doula services could include watching children, parents are expected to be present in the home during doula visits.

Doula housekeeping services are designed to relieve parents of having to do daily housekeeping tasks like dishes, sweeping, or vacuming so that they can be resting, napping, or bonding as a family.

What about older sibling care?

As a postpartum doula I am excited to serve your whole family, including any other children in the home. After all, birth is an event in their life too. My life experience includes 15 years as a therapist in special education working one to one with children, many of them birth to preschool age. This type of environment also exposed me to behavior techniques and behavior managment strategies.

I feel confident in being able to interact with all your children while you take care of yourself. I also feel confident in helping you integrate your children into changing family routines or direct you to resources to help siblings process their emotions around all the changes. I have a special place in my heart for those families whose babies may be at risk of developmental delay.

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in-home postpartum doula services

Each family has different needs that may change from day-to-day. My postpartum sessions provide a check-in on how the time since the last visit has gone, formulation for a plan for the session, and can include anything that feels supportive inside the home during the day.

Whether you choose in-home care, virtual postpartum doula care or a meal preparation package, all services include a pre-birth planning session. You'll also have access to my local & national postpartum resources list. Best of all? You are invited to join my weekly postpartum meet-ups of current and former clients!


8 hour package: $240
16 hour package: $432 (10% discount)
32 hour package: $778 (10% discount)

my in-home postpartum doula care includes:

  • Chestfeeding support (referral to a lactation consultant if needed)
  • Troubleshooting with feeding and sleeping cycles
  • Spending time with your baby so you can rest
  • Basic household tasks, including simple meal preparation and organization of baby supplies
  • Assistance with after-birth healing (sitz bath, emotional support, etc.)
  • Helping you develop baby care and babywearing skills
  • PPD screening
  • Access to a shared electronic bulletin board to communicate needed tasks or any questions prior to a session
  • Telephone support for non-emergencies Mon-Thurs 9-2:00

prefer virtual care?

These services are for the COVID-cautious or those who need emotional or mental postpartum support more than hands-on help. I'm a doula in your back pocket - just a phone call away to hear about whatever part of your new life with your new baby needs support.


4 Weeks: $120
8 Weeks: $240

postpartum Meal packages

Having simple access to nutritious, healing food is one of the best investments you can make in your first weeks as a new family. My meal preparation packages can be added to your in-home postpartum doula package or provided as contactless delivery.

(includes hourly rate plus the cost of groceries)

3 entrees: $130
6 entrees: $260
12 entrees: $520

Austin Postpartum Doula

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